Always You


When her domineering fiancé cheats on her, pastry chef Kate Sweet trades the city for her hometown of Barnesville and works as a waitress in her parents’ diner. Lonely and insecure, she tries to start over but instead runs into Michael Hart, the boyfriend who sent her away after he was paralyzed in a tractor accident. All her old feelings for him return in full, but Michael is just about to get married to someone else — her old rival for everything back in their school days.

Michael is drawn to Kate again but resents that she left him. He doesn’t remember how pain and painkillers changed his behavior and made him so sorry for himself he literally ordered her to go.

Now she must decide whose happiness is more important, his, now that he has a fiancée, or hers…with him. How can it be both?


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Michael was here?
The chair fell backwards as Kate stood up and stared at her father with horror. Oh, my God. She was looking a fright, her unruly curly hair untouched by a brush and the makeup from yesterday smudged all over her face because she had been too tired to care about washing it away.
“I…I…” she stuttered, and Burt smiled knowingly before turning toward the door and, after opening it, calling to Michael to come up and join them.
Before Kate could do or say anything, the one person in the world she didn’t want to meet when she looked her worst walked into the kitchen and stopped dead as his eyes found her flushed face. His lovely blue eyes started to sparkle as he took in her disheveled person in her too-large pajamas.
“Well, isn’t it Sleeping Beauty.”
He grinned, his amusement over her appearance apparent. To Kate’s horror, her obnoxious parents giggled simultaneously before they, with a load of mumbled excuses, left the kitchen. They left her alone with gorgeous Michael who, as he leaned back in the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest, looked good enough for her to have for breakfast.