The Royal Family

Introducing to you – THE ROYAL FAMILY.

Hannibal Darling, the Duke of Berkeley, is the proud patriarch of this quite special family. He has been blessed with seven sons and they are all named after the kings of England, therefore the royal family.

With his first wife Georgiana, Hannibal had three sons – George, Henry and Charles. Tragically Georgiana died while giving birth to Charles and devastated by her early demise, Hannibal turned a hermit and preferred to live alone in his country home Chester Park with his three boys.
Not until George was grown up and had brought home a couple of friends and among them the lovely Anna did Hannibal for the first time feel his heart warm up. To his surprise, this very special young lady took one look at him and fell helplessly in love with the much older widower.
It took some persuasion from her side, but in the end they married and had two sets of twins in just as many years – Edward and William; James and Richard. After seven straight boys Anna said enough. Hannibal would have to live with the fact that he would never have the little baby girl that he had wished for.

Instead it was his oldest son George, the Earl of Newbury, who together with his wife Caroline gave Hannibal his little girl, Francesca, after two more boys, Sinclair and Sebastian.

Henry and his wife Diana also had two boys, Raleigh and Drake.


Hannibal Darling, the Duke of Berkeley

m.t. Lady Georgina Scott DIED at the tender age of 25 while giving birth to Charles

    1 – George Darling, the Marquis of Newbury

    m.t. Caroline Sinclair Darling

        – Sinclair Darling

        – Sebastian Darling

        – Francesca Darling

    2 – Henry Darling

    m.t. Diana Browne Darling

        – Raleigh Darling

        – Drake Darling

    3 – Charles Darling

m.t. Anna Howard

    4 – Edward Darling

    5 – William Darling

    6 – James Darling

    7 – Richard Darling


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